The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) in digital marketing offers many ways to enhance and optimize customer engagement. AI can reduce the number of manual tasks that marketers are required to handle and can assist with preparing, sending and managing emails, social media posts and other content. This helps marketers increase efficiency and productivity, while reducing costs and giving their customers a more personalized experience.

AI can also be used to automate processes such as data analysis, ad placement, and client segmentation. This helps to improve lead generation and customer nurturing by ensuring that relevant information is sent to the right customers at the right time. Moreover, it allows for more targeted and effective marketing campaigns by analyzing historical data on customer behaviors and preferences.

For example, Amazon uses AI to track and analyze customer behavior to determine what type of products are likely to sell. The company then provides recommendations based on that data. For instance, if someone buys a book on the website, they might receive a recommendation for another book from the same author.

Nike also jumped on the AI bandwagon to develop an innovative advertising campaign. The company partnered with an AI platform to allow artists, designers and fans to create billboard ads for the brand. The winning entries will be displayed in iconic locations such as New York’s Times Square and London’s Piccadilly Circus. The ad campaign is a great way to build brand recognition and engage customers through a unique creative channel. However, AI in marketing requires a large amount of data to perform its tasks. This is often gathered from the organization’s CRM, previous marketing campaigns and website analytics. The information can be supplemented with second and third-party data such as weather or location data. ai marketing

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