Leaving damp unchecked can cause expensive mould and condensation in homes. If you want to tackle these issues and create a dry home, it’s worth investing in one of our best 25l dehumidifier. These appliances help to reduce the moisture in the air which causes damp walls, musty smells and is particularly bad for people with respiratory problems like asthma.

A powerful yet compact and portable dehumidifier that’s perfect for larger bedrooms and lounge areas. Designed with ease of use in mind this model boasts a digital display and easy to read controls that allow you to easily set your desired humidity level. It also includes a timer function which allows you to set the device to work at specific times of the day, optimizing energy efficiency and creating a worry free dehumidification routine.

The Arete One 25L extracts a staggering 25L of water per day when working in our test conditions (based on 30degC and 80% relative humidity). This is far higher than any other dehumidifier we’ve tested to date which makes this appliance suitable for anyone who wants to keep damp at bay or dry their washing in an older property with a serious damp problem, including flats and five bedroom houses.

This dehumidifier uses a ground breaking DC motor to drive its impressive extraction rates and is also extremely energy efficient. It consumes a mere 270 watts when working in our test conditions and this is significantly lower than any other dehumidifier we’ve ever tested which gives it an edge over the competition. 25l dehumidifier

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