Tretinoin has been used in the treatment of acne for a rather long time. It is basically a naturally occurring derivative of the vitamin A that works by interfering with the ability of your skin to form pimples. Added to that, it also speeds the growth of new skin cells, which makes it ideal for skin regeneration. This is especially true when it comes to the part where it reduces sun-related conditions on your skin like rough and mottled skin, and yes, wrinkles.

You may not have thought about it, but the wrinkles on your face, and on your neck, and on the backs of your hands are not just as a result of aging. They are also the consequences of the amount of sunlight and sun bleaching that you have been exposed to. Since Tretinoin is great for treating sun-related conditions, you will be surprised at what it will actually do to the wrinkles that have appeared on the skin of your face.

Tretinoin is an anti-wrinkle treatment that is available as a cream, as a lotion, and as a gel. As a matter of fact, it is available also as a medication for several carcinogenic conditions like leukemia, mesothelioma, and various cancers because of its chemotherapeutic properties. For the treatment of wrinkles, all you have to do is apply the substance topically to the infected area once a day, preferably at night just before you go to bed.

Before you apply Tretinoin to your wrinkled skin, you should see that you bathe thoroughly and that your skin is clean and dry before putting it on. This is to ensure that the medication can get through to the roots of the problem as easily as possible. Also, once you have applied the cream, you want to see to it that your hands are properly washed and dried as well. If you happen to have inflamed or broken skin, you should use it with caution. retin a uk

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