It’s a truth universally acknowledged that single guys are in desperate need of an ai girlfriend. And thanks to advances in AI technology, there are now plenty of enterprising companies hawking digital companions to satisfy this yearning. One example is the app Myanima, which boasts a variety of virtual girls, from a shy Sua to an outgoing Tsu, ready to listen and respond to your yearnings. Some are so realistic that they can be “almost indiscernible from a real human,” as the Sun puts it.

And unlike a real girl, these digital beauties never get tired or have bad days. And they can be yours for the price of an in-app purchase. Despite their convenience, however, these apps do come with a few issues. For one thing, the privacy concerns are significant. According to a recent study from Mozilla’s *Privacy Not Included project, many of these AI girlfriend apps harvest shockingly personal information and often install tracking software on your device.

Another concern is that the constant availability of these digital beauties can discourage users from seeking genuine human interactions, leading to social isolation. And the emotional dependency that may develop from relying on these apps to fulfill their needs could lead to a lack of fulfillment that only true, healthy relationships can provide.

Finally, the fact that most of these apps are designed to be’sexy’ leads to ethical issues. As the New York Times points out, these ai girlfriends are essentially being used as bait to lure lonely hearts into purchasing sex-themed products and services that aren’t actually necessary. ai girlfriend

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