While a dirty, stained or moldy driveway can make for an unsightly first impression, regular pressure washing helps extend its lifespan. Routine cleaning eliminates greasy, oily, or sticky substances that can eat away at concrete surfaces and lead to costly repairs. It also helps reduce mildew growth and moss, which can pose slip and fall risks for your family members.

A few tips to remember when you pressure wash your driveway:

  1. Cover or protect plants around the area. Soapy water runoff can damage or even kill them. Use a tarp or large plastic sheeting to block the spray from reaching nearby plants. You can also rinse off any exposed plants afterward with a garden hose. 2. Work in sections. Unless your driveway is especially large, working in 10 x 10-ft. sections makes the job much faster and easier. This prevents the soapy water from dripping over areas you’ve already washed.
  2. Start at the street. Whenever possible, begin your washing at the street level and work your way up towards the house. This prevents the dirt you’re cleaning from dripping back over the freshly-washed parts of your driveway.
  3. Be careful with nozzle selection. The nozzles you choose to use can have a major impact on the amount of time it takes to clean your driveway. A rotary turbo nozzle, for example, allows you to direct a finer, more concentrated stream of water and can cut your cleaning time by a significant amount. pressure wash driveway

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