Our IT Club will take your children on some super trips around Rome such as our myths and heroes tour, pizza making in a pizza restaurant or on a treasure hunt in Villa Borghese. With or without parents these are fun and entertaining experiences for families to enjoy together.

1. A Trip Through the Myths and Heroes of Rome

Our Myths and Heroes of Rom tour will introduce your child to a number of ancient Roman legends and stories. In a small group we will have fun learning about these famous characters, bringing them to life in a fun way!

2. Pizza Making in a Roman Pizzeria

This Pizzabacken experience will allow your child to make their own pizza in a real neapolitan pizzeria. The pizza we make will be served with a choice of dipping sauces and a glass of ice-cold wine.

3. The Villa Borghese – an Amazing and Magical Location to Backen Your Own Pizza

Our tour of the Villa Borghese will show your child a variety of historic sites in Rome. It will also give them an opportunity to try their hand at Pizzabacken and explore the many wonders of this fascinating city.

4. A Night in the Old Town of Rome

Our evening tour of the ancient town of Rome will provide your child with a chance to learn about some of the city’s most important landmarks and monuments. It will also involve pizza making and a visit to the famous piazza of Santa Croce.

5. The Colosseum & the Forum

Our tours of the Colosseum and the Forum will provide your child with an excellent opportunity to explore some of the city’s most famous attractions, as well as learning about some of the important historic events that took place there. It will also include pizza making and a trip to the iconic Colosseum!

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